Thursday, September 13, 2012



Baked a couple pies this week. I couldn't find any pre-made pie crusts so I had to make that myself... it was difficult. delicate balance of butter chunks and flour(Mehl) and then I was using a silicone pie pan thing and it kept bending and my pie crust was a mess. It tasted okay though.

Update: Nina says: The pie wasn't ok, it was deliccccious!!

I was also converting cups to grams or mL or something and that was also tricky. Probably not going to be baking anything for a while. I want to make puppy chow for my birthday snack, but I can pretty much guess on quantities for that.

I don't really have much else to say... Sunday evening I went to a Wasserlichtkonzert at a park. It was music and lights and the fountain water jumping around. Apparently they do the show everyday at 9pm during September, get ready parents.

Sunday a few of us from work also stumbled across a concert happening in front of the Rathaus(Town Hall) with Spanish rappers and then some other bands.

I haven't done much lately though, mostly sleeping a lot and then meeting up with work friends to get food and look at Hamburg things. I will have plenty of things to write about after my vacation with the 'rents starts tomorrow night! I'll be meeting them in London tomorrow night, then we go to Paris and then end up in Hamburg.

Tonight I am going shopping with Nina, she leaves Saturday morning... tragic. We will be reunited in Cincinnati in January and we can continue eating tons of Vietnamese food.

Be back after the Urlaub,

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