Friday, September 28, 2012

I need to hibernate

Okay, Hi!

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Not on the list:

My birthday is approaching. Huzzah. I have plans to make a delicious birthday treat on Sunday to bring to work Monday. Duh, it's Puppy Chow. I bought some German peanut butter. or Erdnusscreme... here's hoping that works... Also after Sunday I can say 'Ich bin zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt.' score.

I am also planning a trip to Florence to buy leather goods for my future fabulous life(#26, more later). I will try to mix in some other cultural things, but I think the leather markets count as culture, and really I just want to buy leather things. If I like you, maybe I'll buy you a present. But I will probably selfishly buy a billion things for myself.

I have home internet now and it is AMAZING. Bad timing though because it is approaching hibernating season and now I have a great reason to stay in bed all day and watch internet television and never go outside. Also yesterday I accidentally(on purpose) bought a TON of candy... stockpiling for the winter, it will most likely be gone by Sunday. Tomorrow I have made plans to attend a fitness class though, so I think it's fine. Also, fitness class!! Who am I?!

I went to German class last night and I wasn't too lost... We are learning more about grammar and tricky language things that I can't really handle in English... soooooo we'll see.

alright, time to tackle the list... these things seem like they happened sooooooo long ago.... sorry if it is jumbly and virtually incoherent(but really, aren't all of my posts jumbly and incoherent?) 

0. The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

I bought this book after seeing it twice in the airport. I didn't know I would have internet, so I didn't want to wait and buy the Kindle edition. Also the book cover is nice. 

I am about halfway through this book and it is GREAT! This super old man decides to ditch his 100 year birthday party and then shenanigans occur. Murder, elephants, death by elephant... it's great. Get it. Or wait until December 19th and you can borrow it from me.

1. london luton
2. london hotel
3. sleeping on the floor like a high-class hobo


I flew into London Luton airport and the border control guy was mad at me because I didn't have the address written down on my entry card. I took a bus to a train to another 2 trains to get to the hotel. The hotel was SWANK. I am glad I brought my leather duffel bag instead of my backpack. I still felt like I didn't belong though. Maybe in my future life. I was not techincally allowed to stay at the hotel since the room was booked for 2 people and I slept on the floor on a bed of throw pillows lined up. They were about 2 inches wider than my body. I probably should have moved in to the bathroom because there was a tv in there and heated floors. Now I know for next time. 

4. changing of the Horse Guards and Mitt Romney's prancing dancing pony

Saturday morning we went to go see the changing of the Horse Guards, which looked a lot like Red Rover for a little bit. I entertained myself by making up conversations between the horses... one looked like he was struggling. must have been out too late the night before. Pictures and captions to follow. I think it would have been more entertaining to watch Mittens' pony dance around, but I'll take what I can get.

5. London Bridge
6. London Tower
*bonus: Tate Modern Revisited, Chipotle, Harry Potter Bridge

We walked around London some more and I wasn't allowed to eat Chipotle. I am going back to London this Thursday–Sunday, so I plan to eat Chipotle at least 12 times. We ended up walking around the water and going in the basement of St. Paul's, I made the mistake of going in the Diaper changing bathroom stall, the things I smelled in there will scar me for life. We walked across the London Bridge(this might all be in the wrong order) and looked at the London Tower compound/area. My mom said she read somewhere(or made up) that the workers get to live in some rooms in there. Could be cool, or super creepy, or both. We then went in the Tate Modern because it is free and full of hilarious things. My favorite piece: a mirror glued to a canvas was still there. Also I'm pretty sure I saw someone I recognized from Cincinnati, if that was you.... let me know. It was on September 15th.

7. Harrods

Harrods is GIGANTIC! and super fancy. I found a lot of things for my future life. Like spectacular Burberry trench coats. Yum. The sales lady recommended that we go to the Toy World when I asked her which part of the store was the best.
I bought these. and paid way too much for them apparently. But look how cute they are!

Okay, time for lunch. I will write more later... but this should keep you all occupied for now.

0. The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared
1. london luton
2. london hotel
3. sleeping on the floor like a high-class hobo
4. changing of the Horse Guards and Mitt Romney's prancing dancing pony
5. London Bridge
6. London Tower
7. Harrods
8. Paris
9. Hotel sneaking
10. Walking Tour
11. more walking
12. more walking
13. Top of Tower
14. MK+A
15. Louvre
16. D'Orsay
17. Night Train
18. Hamburg
19. Apartment
20. Shopping for everything
21. walking tour/Hafen City
22. ferry boat
23. Blankenese
24. Hamburger Meile
26. Future fabulous life

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