Monday, September 3, 2012

Dublin, Ireland

Hallo Leute,

Before I get to the Ireland information, I have a confession to make. I am an addict. 

I am addicted to buying animal print and animal patterned leggings. Seriously. I need to be stopped. I now have two pairs of the same cat leggings in different colors, a pair with elephants all over them and a silky leopard print pair(those aren't really the correct size, hoping I can exchange them...) UPDATE: exchanged them... they are apparently supposed to be high-waisted... totally weird.

Out of control.

Back to the regular scheduled programming:


I left for Dublin on Thursday morning, hooray for a short work week! The morning was less than pleasant, Nina and I had a little German Wine Wednesday, so I was up pretty late packing after that!
I took a few trains to get to the Flughafen(Airport) and then breezed through security and wandered around the duty-free shops. I got my fill of the tester products and left before buying all the things. I got a breakfast pretzel and was juggling my water bottle, phone and pretzel when they all started to fall... the pretzel was obviously the most important so I reached to save that first. Priorities. (my cat-like reflexes kicked in and I saved everything, no worries)

The flight attendant on the plane to Dublin had the BIGGEST sock bun I have ever seen(foreshadowing), so I couldn't stop staring at her head. Arrived at the Dublin airport and it was glorious. They had FREE WIFI. Being internet-less makes me soooo obsessed with wifi. I love it. wifi + adorable Irish accents all around me = glory. The bus I took to get to the city center also had free wifi. I love you Dublin.

Checked in to the hostel and all of the reception people knew who I was because of my billion emails I had sent them changing our reservation. It is hard booking for a group! Dropped my bags off in the luggage room and went to abra-kebab-ra for some food. Went back there 2.5 hours later when everyone else arrived.

I watched a movie in the basement and then once Amy, Ben, Aaron and Danny got to the hostel we wandered around Dublin a bit and then came back to wait for Sophie(she was delayed)

We went to look at the Tall Ships Thursday night. They were... tall.  We got some donuts and street food and then headed to the pub for some live music and Guinness/ciders.

Friday morning we went to the Guinness Storehouse, it was very similar to the Bourbon Trail. We learned how to pour our own Perfect Pint and then had some Guinness/veggie soup and delicious bread before heading back for a nap/ Sophie and Aaron went and looked at a church. After the nap we went and met at Penney's to look for more Tiger suits. They have changed the design and now the suits have a tiger head on top and a tail... the stomach area has a white circle thing happening though, so I think mine from last year is still better. I bought a new party purse and an excellent sock bun donut, I can't really figure out the best way to use it though, my hair keeps falling out... Friday night we went to a different pub and listened to the live music and the bartender was weird, Sophie and I stayed later than everyone else, because we didn't have to catch flights in the morning.

Saturday we wandered around Dublin and looked at stuff and did some shopping, H&M was closing soon though, so we weren't allowed to try anything on in the fitting rooms... that combined with the UK sizing on the tags made purchasing the correct size difficult... had to make some returns/exchanges... Hamburg H&M was not pleased with me. Went to the Temple Bar bar Saturday night for a little more live music and then headed back to the hostel early to prepare for our flights.

Sunday morning we headed to the airport at 4am... my flight was delayed 2 hours though because one of the flight attendants didn't show up. Lots of time spent in the duty free shops and sleeping on whatever semi-comfortable chairs I could find in the airport...

Finally got home and slept all day.

Last week...

Sneak peek Monday: Expendables 2. It was pretty funny... allllll of the action stars were in it so that was crazy to see them all interact and make fun of each other/themselves.

Tuesday: German class, that was HARD. I had missed Thursday's class to go to Dublin and I was soooooo far behind on Tuesday. By the end of the class I had sort of caught up, and everyone else was just as confused as I was, so that was nice.

Wednesday: Nina and I wandered around and did some shopping/ate delicious Vietnamese food.

work: prepared some things for the work party Friday night. We made bunting banners for our Intern Dolce Vita party, and that was a mistake, we made more for this work party...

German class, realized that everyone else has paid for 2 months, and I have only paid for 1... I guess they were all issued reminder payment slips, and I never got one... strange. I should probably ask about that tomorrow night, but maybe I will just wait until next week, skip month 2 and pay for month 3. Free German.

Friday: Work party celebrating 15 years of Landor Hamburg. The interesting thing there was that all of the past employees were invited... even if they were fired. During the day a few of us were in charge of blowing up(with helium, not our lungs) a billion balloons. We had a boy with 2500 balloons, but I think there was only enough helium to inflate 1000 of them. One burst on my arm and now there is a small scar. Balloon danger.

Saturday: I spent most of the day sleeping and then went to the store, bought some candy and milk and came home to do 5 hours of laundry while watching Sex and the City.

Sunday: went in to work at 11 to work on an After Effects animation project. Stayed until midnight.
I'm hoping I get really good at it and maybe can use After Effects to make something for my Capstone project... blegh, Capstone. I have no ideas for that. If anyone has any ideas for a project that I won't get tired of after 4 months, let me know. I need to brand it or something... and solve a problem... or something... maybe I should look that up.

Sneak Peek tonight! Here's hoping I don't fall asleep. Some people online think it will be the Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie. That could be okay.

Future things:

Parents are coming to Europe soon!!

hoping to get internet at home some time soon.

also need to be better at cleaning. Sorry roomies, I know I suck! I think this might be the week... Tomorrow night after German class = cleaning time.


Sorry this post kinda sucked and was disorganized and boring... I'm tired.

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