Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am now a Hamburger

Soooo... My to-do list from the last post:

-register as a Hamburger
-get bank account
-buy a bedframe
-buy curtains
-health insurance
-tax man
-get hair cut
-learn german

congrats to me, I managed to accomplish 1 thing.

well 2 really, I forgot to list, 'buy a long term train pass' on there... bought one today. I'm not sure it was the best option, the year long pass is nice because you can go to any zone and bring a friend on the weekend... but I had to get a monthly pass since I'm only here for 6 months... It was about €60 and I can go to 2 zones, the man said I picked 2 good zones for it because they are the zones where the 'young people' go. score. Landor reimburses for 13ish euro of it which is nice.

Morgen is coming this weekend and I need to clear out some space in my room for an air mattress or blanket pile for her bed. Vani is meeting with the landlord tomorrow to get the tokens for the laundry... I struggled with the machine a few times trying every possible combination of euro coins before we realized we need tokens. So I bought some new pants.  seemed like the right idea.

This is going to be a spastic post. I am tired/hyper caffeinated.... I got up early today to become a Hamburger. I now have my Meldebestätigung and can open a bank account today. I emailed my bank contact and of course she is on Holiday until Monday, and HR seems a bit desperate for me to set up an account so I asked the new bank lady who was checking my contact's email if I could meet with her instead. I wasn't paying attention to the emails though and responded to the holiday email address instead of the new lady's address, then sent her another email apologizing for that and asking to meet with her. She agreed and set the meeting for 2pm today, so I emailed to double check that it was at the Spitalerstraße address, which was apparently in her sign off... oops, I look totally stupid. she responded that yes, it was on that street and also told me her name. which I clearly already knew... Sass. Sorry for rambling. I'll blame it on the demon ninja wasp stings(more later).

This past week we had a Walter's day celebration to honor Landor's founder Walter. We had an awards ceremony at the office and then took a bus to some beach in a remote Hamburg location... It was nice to be on a beach for a while, even if the weather was crazy... sun for ten minutes, then rain, then wind, then freezing, then crazy crazy crazy.  I will definitely have to buy more jackets. I brought a few light/transitional jackets, thinking that it would be warm in the Summer time. wrong. It feels like fall already, so none of my clothes are correct.

over the weekend: 

Friday night, fell asleep early, tired from the Walter party Thursday night. 
Saturday, went shopping with Malia for about 7 hours. Hamburg has a lot of great shopping, some are pretty expensive though. I bought some cool spandex with large cats on them and a few pairs of regular pants because all of mine are filthy. Tried to find jacket things in H&M but couldn't seem to find any. There was also a festival type thing in front of the Rathaus, so we went there and had some food. I got Käsespätzel, essentially german macaroni and cheese. Delish. after that we continued shopping and I bought some 'Funky Jungle' scented body lotion. really amazing.

Saturday night, I went out with Xenia, from work, and we had a few drinks near my apt. in Sternschanze and then went to the Reeperbahn. It was really fun, wherever we ended up played a great mix of music. I'll have to find out where it was so I can take Morgen this weekend...

Sunday, did a free walking tour for 3 hours. Saw some of the Hamburg sights, should have written things down, but I took some pictures, which I will hopefully upload soon. After the tour I was walking home from the S-Bahn station and a German Demon Ninja Wasp/Hornet/Mystery attacked flew down my shirt and started to sting/bite/attack in some way. I started to freak out, clawing at my shirt and essentially punching myself trying to kill the thing... I looked completely insane. People were stopping on the street to ask if I was okay, in English because I was swearing in English. I couldn't see what the demon was, but it did some DAMAGE. The welt by my belly button keeps growing. I have been to the Apotheke a few times buying new creams/gels/pills... we'll see if there is any improvement tomorrow. Or, I'll have to get on the Health Insurance thing so I can go to a doctor...

Yesterday I went to a burger place for lunch and their veggie burger consisted of diced tomatoes(as the main part) and toppings. and people eat the burger with a fork an knife. struggles. the french fries were great though.

alright, so hopefully all goes well at the bank today and I can start earning money. Bought a plane ticket for Ireland yesterday, soooo huzzah! 

To do list:
-bank account
-health insurance
-tax man
-wash clothes
-clean room
-bed frame
-wall hooks
-wall shelves/something for makeup/toiletries in room
-hair cut
-learn german
-get some internet at home
-plan things to do this weekend with Morgen, sorry in advance if I suck at hosting guests!

sorry for my rambling post, I'll try to be more coherent next time.

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