Wednesday, July 18, 2012

forgot to go to lunch

Last post's to do list:
-bank account
-health insurance
-tax man
-wash clothes
-clean room
-bed frame
-wall hooks
-wall shelves/something for makeup/toiletries in room
-hair cut
-learn german
-get some internet at home
-plan things to do this weekend with Morgen, sorry in advance if I suck at hosting guests!

the last three are in process....


not too shabby.

Yesterday was a HUGE day. I woke up early to get to the registration place, then went and got my train ticket, then opened a bank account, then signed up for and attended my first German lesson, all while completing a full work day.  go me.

Today I went to the Tax place(Finanzamt) and tried to get my tax ID and tax bracket paperwork, I got one of the things and the other is getting mailed to Malia's... where I will hopefully be able to get it...

Tonight I should be able to do laundry with the token things, and the internet man is coming tomorrow! score.

Still working on the weekend plans, but roomie has a blow up bed thing for Morgen to sleep on, so thats pretty good planning so far.

The German lesson was interesting, the whole class is taught in German and it is cool to struggle through the words with people from all over. Russia, Bulgaria, France, America, Spain, Portugal, England and probably more... The class has 13 people. the teacher guy knows everything about every country. everything. sooooo I looked pretty dumb. I was able to answer his question about the Hauptstadt der USA, so that was good for me.

I have another lesson on Thursday, Donnerstag, so hopefully I will learn more.
Yesterday we covered, introducing yourself, saying where you are from, age, marital status, numbers and asking people how they are. Wie geht es deinem vater?  I think that is... 'How is  your father?' Es geht ihm gut. He is fine.

Sehr Deutsch.

alright... really wish someone in the office had told me everyone was leaving for lunch... going to be a hungry afternoon....


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