Monday, July 2, 2012

crossing things off the list

hello world,

I am slowly working my way through the list of things I have to accomplish. Though each time I cross one thing off it seems like I add a bunch more...
I found an apartment! I am supposed to move in this Saturday. The roommates seem really nice, so I'm hoping they will be my friends and I can cross 'make friends' off my list. I went to look at the apartment last week and it is recently renovated and seems very clean and functional. My room is pretty small, but I don't really have very many possessions right now. I think I probably came across as sad and desperate when meeting with the roommates... they were asking if I would like to have friends over and that it wouldn't be a problem or something and I replied 'Oh, don't worry about it, I don't know anyone here/I don't have any friends.' TRAGIC. They said I could hang out with their friends... huzzah.
I'm hoping my German will improve/start to exist once I move in and live with German people.

Now that I have an address I can get a bank account.... I just need to figure out how to do that. All of the things I need to do seem to be linked in a vicious cycle. Last week, I was at the grocery store trying to buy cheese and bread so I wouldn't starve and I didn't have any cash on me(couldn't find ATM), I went to use my credit card and the lady informed me that they didn't take visa or mastercard and seem flabbergasted that I didn't have any cash on me...she directed me to the bank, which I couldn't enter because the bank was locked unless you had a bank card... so I couldn't buy food because I didnt have money, and I couldnt get money because I didnt have a bank account, which I couldnt open because I didnt have an address, which I couldnt get because I kept getting lost trying to find the apartments because I was too hungry to focus. STRUGGLES.

Hopefully everything will be resolved now that I have an apartment to live in.

In other news, I'm pretty sure my laptop is going to explode, so that is not great.... The battery is not lasting very long and lappy is heating up to a billion degrees really rapidly... danger zone. Send some happy thoughts to my laptop... really need him to last through April, or at least through Germany. I do NOT want to buy a new MacBook in €.

Saturday night Malia and I went and had dinner at an Italian place, pretty sure 95% of restaurants here are italian places.... The waitress judged us hardcore after she asked if we were vacationing and we told her that we worked here. really need to learn some more German. After dinner we walked around the harbor area. There were some bumpin' party boats playing some excellent jams. I wanted to join them, but didn't really know a good way to hop on their boat... accidentally bought a delicious crepe, no complaints, and while eating the crepe some weirdo started peeing on a tree... two minutes later, he started peeing on a different tree. I've decided he was actually a dog marking his territory...

Things to do:

-get bank account
-get friends
-get more data
-figure out tax things
-get health insurance
-get paid

Sorry for the lack of photos on here...

Here is a picture I found online of a rat riding a cat riding a dog:

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  1. Love the post! Especially the picture find at the end hahahaha