Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prague, Prag, Praha


Sooooo, an update on purse packing:

Purse packing is fun and makes you feel far superior to anyone you see with luggage. However, I think it would work better in warmer weather, or for staying with friends/in a hotel. The flip-flops for hostel showers, and toiletries take up a lot of room in a purse... and if you were staying somewhere super clean that provides toiletries to you, you could skip those things. Also, purse packing would work well for you if you have ANY self control and don't go shopping and buy a bunch of new stuff that you magically have to cram in to your exploding purse. I have no self control, clearly.

I need to do a purse break-down post with photos of my bag... but realistically, this will never happen.

For Vienna, Malia and I bought new, cheap bags for purse packing that were a little larger than our last bags. Malia's broke instantly... soooooo don't buy purses from New Yorker. Mine worked pretty well. It was still stuffed and about to explode, but I didn't have to stuff my coat pockets with toiletries and bonus purses, so that was nice.


Prague(including iPhone photos):

We left work Friday and headed to the airport. The guy at the check-in desk was AMAZED by the size of our luggage(purses) for the weekend. Purse-packing for the win.

We took a bus to a train to get to our hostel and on the bus we were sitting across from a lady with the longest eyelashes ever. It was really amazing. I spent the whole time trying to figure out if they were real, or how she managed to grow the worlds greatest eyelashes. I'm sure she thought I was a total creep. Plus I was sitting backwards on a bus, so I also looked like I was going to vomit. Cute.

Got to the hostel and it was super nice! I should have taken a picture of our bathroom. Huge shower and cool sink. Good for you Mosaic House Prague. Also played the 'guess where our roommates are from by looking at their toiletries' they had some large ziplock bags, god bless America, and some full size German products... American students living in Germany. What a fun game.

Saturday morning we went on a walking tour with an adorable Spanish guy as our tour guide. The super thick Spanish accent made even the boring history things hilarious. Also he told a story, which he totally made up, about a Turkish guy giving a girl a kebab to make her fall in love with him and I decided that is the most romantic thing I can think of.

We went in the church of St. James. Story of the church. Some famous thief guy went in there looking to steal some bling from a religious statue. The statue came to life grabbed the guys arm and then re-froze in statue mode. People came in to the church and saw the dude dangling from this statue and after he promised that he changed and would no longer do any thieving, they cut off his arm and freed him. The statue then came back to life, dropping the arm, and the church people hung it up as a warning to other thieves. That thief guy then became the church keeper. Moral of the story: if you try to steal something, your arm will be cut off, and then you will be given an upper management job.

Here is the dangling arm(shriveled thing hanging off the wall on the right):

And the inside of the church for my Grandma:

We also saw the atomic clock, it has a rooster on it. I don't have an iPhone photo of it, so you will have to look on Facebook at my other photos.

After the walking tour we crossed the river to the other half of Prague, old city, new city, some city. We walked up to the Strahov Monastic Brewery and captured this view of Prague:

and drank this beer and ate these brownies:

It was strange to me that these monks have been making beer for so long, but hey... liquid bread is great, so whatever.

Sunday we walked around and ate some Prague street meat(for Malia) and some spinning bread roll covered in sugar and nuts(for me) Then we took a cab ride of death and I thought I was going to vomit all over the place. I didn't. Proudest moment of my life. Thinking of listing it as a resume skill.

Vienna post up next!

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