Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hey remember that time I almost got kicked out of Germany?(PART 2)

PART 2 check out part 1 here

Hi, I went to the immigration place last Tuesday at 8:00am. There were only a few people in front of me in line. I think the office was actually for work visas and work related things... I waited until the window opened and asked the guy there what I needed to do. Then I proceeded to pull out so many different papers and everytime he asked me anything I would pull out some other random document and look tragic and say 'does this help? I have this random government paper...' He told me that I would need to make an appointment and that the earliest I could schedule one was for November, and then it would be five weeks after that to receive the card that I need to re-enter Germany. I looked sad and he noticed that by then I would already be leaving. So he sent me to some lady and I got some stickers to put in my passport, I don't know why they wouldn't have just suggested that first... They needed a passport photo and I didn't have any so I used the photoshopped christmas card photo I have been using for other documents here and the lady looked at me like I was a freak and asked if I had any options where I wasn't showing my teeth. oh well. got the stickers and she said I would be able to come back to Germany through December 31.

This week I have been planning a bunch of trips because I just realized I only have 9 more weekends here. that is not enough time! Malia and I are going to Vienna in November. I also want to go to: Munich, Poland, Budapest, Istanbul, Belgium, Prague, Florence, Edinburgh. I might have time for them as I have 3 vacation days left. I am going to be soooo burnt out. Everytime I start to look into information about a place I find some other place that also looks amazing. I think I will have to move back to Europe after graduating. Though the current plan is an Australia/New Zealand trip. Which will lead to a South America trip, Eastern Europe trip, Africa Trip, possibly Asia trip. Sooooo busy busy. I really need to find a corporate life sponsor. If any corporations are reading this and would like someone to travel around and casually promote them/ embody their brand... let me know!

I am considering basing my capstone project on becoming a brand and securing a corporate life sponsor. I have no idea if that fits for capstone because for some reason, no one at the school will tell us what capstone is. Might need to find that corporate sponsor sooner than I thought because I will have to drop out of school. Trying to find something to do this weekend, might not be able to go very far because flights are expensive last minute. Does anyone have any suggestions? or know of a good website for discount last minute flights? It seems like some airlines might have cheap seats left if they are trying to fill the flight...

Sorry for the huge delay between posts, I have been watching internet television and planning my life.
Happy wednesday!


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