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Okay so two weeks ago I went to Copenhagen and it was great. The end.

Just kidding, Grandma.

I left work after clean-up Friday and hopped on a train to Copenhagen. The man next to me was telling me that the train was so short(only 4 cars) because that was all that would fit on the boat. I thought he was just messing with me, but then the train DROVE ON TO A FERRY. It was crazy. I was not expecting that. So we got off the train and went to go hang out on the top part of the ferry for 45 minutes while we sailed to Denmark.

Side note, Scandinavian people are TOO attractive. Cut it out.

Arrived in Copenhagen and got a little lost on the way to the hostel. I got to the hostel around 10:45, Morgen's plane was super delayed and I thought she was dead. I got to the hostel after happy hour had come and gone, so all the solo travelers had already bonded... I sat in a corner and abused the wifi and moped and thought Morgen was dead and considered what a terrible backpacker I was, and THEN MORGEN ARRIVED. all was well.

We went out with some of her ICP Cincinnati Co-Op acquaintances and wandered around the square near our hostel.

Saturday, we did the free walking tour with Simon and his British accent. Morgen and I took advantage of the legal public drinking and enjoyed some Elephant beers along the way.

The tour started in front of the Town Hall which was the spot where the glorious Native American performers were doing their thang. They were amazing and dedicated, apparently they perform all day every day. LOVED it.

At the end of the tour, Morgen and I were approached by a lady who was filming some guy playing the guitar. She asked if we had a few minutes to be in her video. FAME. Morgen and I had to walk up to the guitar man, sit down, nod and talk to one another about how great he was, hand him a piece of paper and walk away giving one final glance back. NAILED IT.

I got her facebook info, so now we just have to wait until she loads the video onto her vimeo.

After that Morgen and I got some delicious Indian food. Expensive, but soooooo worth it. Then we took a nap and got ready for the pub crawl. The pub crawl was fun, we were in an Australian bar where people were 'playing' beer pong. It was terrible. They were playing it alllllll wrong and Morgen and I couldn't handle being around that, so we went back to the other room with the dance music.

Sunday, we went to Christiania with two guys from our room, an Aussie(can't remember his name), and Benny, from Germany.  Christiania is an area in Copenhagen that essentially decided to not follow any laws or pay any taxes or anything. Drugs galore. Garbage everywhere. It was really bizarre. No pictures allowed in there because weed is not technically legal but they still sell it and smoke it and eat it and look at it and everything. We left Christiania and re-entered the EU and walked around a little more. We then headed back to the hostel and took a nap on the giant napping platform in the lobby area. After that we went to Tivoli, super old amusement park in the center of Copenhagen, with Benny.  Good people watching there. It was strange though because you pay an entrance fee and each ride costs more. We didn't ride anything, just looked at people and things. Cedar Point spoiled me.

Then we left and went our separate ways. Benny and I are trying to meet up this weekend in Berlin. We'll see.

I have a lot of pictures from Copenhagen, hopefully I will have some internet at home at some point so I can upload them.

I can use my phone as a router, but the internet speed on my phone is soooooo slooooowwwwwww.... so it doesn't work well.

Post about Wuppertal and Köln coming soon.

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